What Are the Pros and Cons of Being an NHS Nurse?

Question by Hedgehog_hedgehog: What are the pros and cons of being an NHS nurse?

I just wondered you think are the pros and cons of being a nurse in the NHS (ideally in mental health)


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Answer by “Talk di tings dem”
It is not physically demanding. You don’t have to bathe anyone, change diapers or do any lifting.
Great programs about “everything”. How to make your life better, Nutrition, Exercise, games, lot of great workshops etc.

Mental Health patients can be very dangerous. If you are assaulted, nothing will come out of it because they are “diagnosed”.
I find that dealing with people with “Depression” on a daily basis made me depressed after a while
Screaming, noise, “it can be a crazy hell hole”. If you are in one of the high intensity locations.

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