What Are Some Symptoms of Manic Depression?

Question by Matt: what are some symptoms of manic depression?
and what can you do for manic depression

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Answer by Emmy
It’s when you go through phases of being extremely happy for no reason (manic phases) and extremely depressed for no reason (Depression phases). These phases can last different amounts of time for different people. If you think you have these symptoms you should go to your doctor and get treatment.

Answer by Nixxy
Like Emmy said, thats basically what mania is, but, everyone also has ups and downs in their lives. If you think you’re suffering from mania, then a professional is the best way to find out! My grandma is a manic schizo and she’s not cured, shes just learnt to deal with it. But she is trying her best, and is a fighter.

Can it be cured? I’m not so sure, but it can definitely be controlled, with the right meds.

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