What Are Some Situations That You Can Have Anxiety For?

Question by De: What are some situations that you can have anxiety for?
I know what anxiety means but I don’t know what things can someone be afraid of..can you give me some examples?

Best answer:

Answer by specter
warm rooms, tests, small quarters, being too close to others

Answer by Namazu
Anxiety comes in a lot of different flavors.

Some people have specific phobias — fear of heights, snakes, closed spaces, spiders, needles, and so on. Just about anything can become a phobia for the right person (old people, the number 13, clowns, etc.), but those are some fairly common ones.

Check out the phobia list for an impressive array of fears and their names!

Some people have a fear of social situations where they feel they might be judged (social phobia or social anxiety disorder). It’s common for this to show up in public speaking, but many people fear other social situations, too — parties, group projects, eating in public, making phone calls, even just going out in general.

Some people have what’s called “general anxiety disorder”, which is a kind of “free-floating” anxiety or worry about lots of different things. It may not always have specific triggers, but people with GAD sometimes ruminate about bad things that could happen, or are afraid that things won’t work out in various situations.

There are other ways anxiety can show itself, too, for example in separation anxiety (like a fear of abandonment, and a need for constant reassurance) or obsessive-compulsive disorder (where people become stuck in certain thought loops and usually end up doing some action or ritual to try to make the bad thoughts go away).

People react to anxiety in different ways.

Some people feel panicky when faced with anxiety-provoking situations, and some even have full-blown panic attacks (which themselves can be a source of worry). Some don’t have specific attacks, or even feel “afraid”, but instead feel keyed-up, tense, uncomfortable, and jumpy a lot of the time.

Some people just avoid any situations that make them feel uncomfortable, even if it causes them problems in their work, friendships, or other aspects of daily life.

Others learn to overcome their anxiety using different kinds of therapy (like gradually exposing themselves to whatever makes them anxious so they learn to tolerate it), and some are helped by medications as well.

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