What Are Some Books That Deal With Depression?

Question by altimaflare9999: what are some books that deal with depression?
I want to read a book that revolves around depressing people, not one of those “self-help” books but authors who make up them, like I read once a very good book called “almost Lost” about a guy who was dealing with depression, very good book. Thanks.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story
13 Reasons Why

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Help for expatriates with depression

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Using her 14 years of experience in the field, she has written a self-help guide called Beating the Blues, which offers valuable advice about how to overcome depression. Some of her clients are expatriates who work in Gulf countries. Hingorrany says …
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Regular Dancing can Boost Mental Health and Self Esteem in Young Girls

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Girls, dance those worries away, as a new research reveals that dancing can really help young girls get rid of symptoms like depression, stress, fatigue and headaches and help them head toward a better state of mental health. The study conducted by …
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In treatment: Jewish shrink helps Israelis and Gazans deal with trauma

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Gordon and his CMBM staff teach health and mental health professionals drug-free ways of helping patients suffering from PTSD and depression through mindfulness, deep breathing, art, dance and writing therapy, guided imagery, biofeedback, meditation …
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Hope springs eternal after battling depression

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HAVING suffered from depression ever since I was a little girl, I knew what shame meant. The stigma of mental illness remains one of the toughest challenges on the road to recovery. Right from the moment I decided to seek help, I had resolved never to …
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