What Advice Do Mosts Therapists Give to Those Suffering From Depression?

Question by : What advice do mosts therapists give to those suffering from depression?
I know each case is different, but what are some general tips and advice that psychiatrists give to patients suffering from depression? My frequent bouts of depression are pretty severe, so I’d like any advice you can give. Thanks

PS – I’ve already tried that whole “write your feelings down” or “talk to a trusted friend” stuff. I’ve also tried looking for a hobby and helping those that are less fortunate. These things helped keep me busy during the day, but once night time came, I was still alone and depressed. After a while, they didn’t even help at all.

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Answer by Aleksandr
The most important thing is to take your medication because you have a chemical imbalance. If your medication isn’t helping you, you need a new medication.

There are lots of other things you can do as well. Check out “depression self help” and “natural cures” at www.depressiondodging.com. Self help, exercise, being in the sun, vitamins and herbs can be helpful.

If you have low self esteem, you can benefit a lot from doing exercises to boost your self esteem. You can’t enjoy life if you hate yourself. There are self esteem building exercises in the “self esteem” section (under the 6 pillars of self esteem.

Answer by SJ93
I’ve tried to take my own life on a couple of occasions and still the only advice they can come up with are exercise, socialize, get a hobby and “write down the positive things you’ve done today and how good it made you feel” thing. To be honest, I think therapy alone is just a waste of time. I don’t really think there’s a quick cure for things like this. Sorry I can’t be of any great help but I can certainly empathize with you.


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