Were Any of You Worried You Would Have Postpartum? What Happened?

Question by nps: Were any of you worried you would have postpartum? What happened?
I am really emotional and have had some anxiety. I am 35 wks. Every once in a while, I get worried that I will have trouble after she comes. Anyone else worried and had no reason? I know I need to stay positive and keep telling myself “you will not have postpartum depression!” This is my first and I will talk to my dr about it. I hope I am just super emotional due to being in HUGE amounts of pain and being really tired. Thoughts? Experiences?

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Answer by shellynnrn
I’m sure everyone worries about that, we are anxious about meeting our baby and hope that they will be healthy. The fact that you are aware of your emotions is the first step. Keep that in check. If you start to feel overwhelmed, sad, distant from your baby, then contact your Dr.
Good luck to you momma!

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