Welcome to the New Ice Age

Welcome to the new ice age
Professor Michael Farrell, director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, said methamphetamine was "trending". "We are sitting in the middle of an environment where there is a hell of a lot of methamphetamine production and a lot of people … Read more on NEWS.com.au

'I've done some really twisted things': Aussie soldier battles drug horror
Melbourne-based addiction therapist Richard Smith says mixing returned soldiers and civilians is counter-productive to effective rehabilitation. “What happens when you get a serviceman in – the traumas they're sharing are significantly greater than the … Read more on SBS

Lou Reed Dead: Legendary Rock Musician Dies At 71
He binged on drugs and alcohol, gained weight, lost even more and was described by critic Lester Bangs as "so transcendently emaciated he had indeed become insectival." Reed simulated shooting heroin during concerts, … died</a> at the age of 43 on … Read more on Huffington Post