Weight Loss and Eating Disorder Recovery


Weight Loss and Eating Disorder Recovery – www.helpforeatingdisorder.com Weight Loss and Eating Disorders – Can these two work together? If you are still focused on weight loss while trying to recover from an eating disorder the results will always lead to more binge eating, frustration, overeating episodes and even weight gain. Letting go of attempts to lose weight, weight loss strategies and the focus on weight loss is critical for full and complete eating disorder recovery. ============================= VIsit us www.helpforeatingdisorder.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Don’t forget to Subscribe for more new videos: www.youtube.com


NEDA Survey Sparks Controversy

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If you currently receive emails and information from the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) then it is likely that you received an e-mail asking for your participation in a survey about your experiences with eating disorder treatment. The …
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