Week 22 Gastric Bypass Update


Week 22 Gastric Bypass Update – 3 lbs loss, thinning hair, still tired, still pale, I brag about the necklace Doug (Inspector941) bought me and about Atlantic City.


Is There A Penalty For Powerful Women Admitting Mental Illness?
She checked into a rehab center at age 26 and got control of her eating disorder and her problematic drinking; it wasn't until three years ago that Quinn, who is also the first mayoral candidate to be openly gay, went entirely dry. Christine Quinn's … Read more on xoJane (blog)

Glenwood disabled facility on 'most fined' list
OCTOBER 2012, $ 2,000 FINE: A resident of the home eloped during the night and was found in a city park trying to drown himself in a lake. … More than 70 percent of the residents have life-threatening eating and swallowing disorders. Most of the fines … Read more on Shreveport Times

Who failed the children? 407-pound teen, sister die within 4 months
But their younger daughter later said to DCS that she had told her parents that night that her sister had overdosed on Adderall, which she had been prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The possibility of a drug overdose was not … Read more on WBIR-TV