WdD – WdD is an alcohol abuse rehabilitation center located in the 29th and 30th floor of the “Whitehall” building in lower Manhattan in New York City. There are three main elements that the design needed to address. First, to break away from the taboo of the common “rehab center” through the design of a visually engaging space. Second, to create a space free of the stereotypical institution look where clients can enjoy their surroundings while addressing a serious life changing issue. Finally, the space needed to meet all requirements of an extensive, specialized, healthcare facility for the needs of both patients and staff. Inspiration was drawn directly from the difficult personal process each client endures. Two similar ideas were considered; the act of peeling away an old, worn layer or skin to reveal a healthy outer armor and turning page by page through a book to reach a new chapter or reveal a change in plot. Through the development of these ideas the abstract form transcending the floors of the rehab center was created. The original historic building was sliced to form a contemporary structure that separates the space horizontally while connecting it vertically The new structure provided a space of natural light which houses the staircases and creates a spectacular roof garden pavilion. The contrast of old and new draws interest from as far away as street level and creates a great symbol in the community to bring to light the redesign of the top floors and their new


Shelter demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas

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Despite the size of the space, valuable and essential work takes place, with caseworkers offering advice on a variety of subjects, such as housing, benefits, debt, money management and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Caseworkers also take on an …
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Former head of nonprofit arraigned in Troy

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TROY — A former executive director for a nonprofit organization founded by Father Peter Young was arraigned in Rensselaer County Court Thursday morning on charges alleging he stole $ 200,000 from the rehabilitation program. Dennis Bassat, 53 …
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On mental health, we know what to do — we need the will

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It was gratifying work, because in the last 30 years or so we have had treatments that are research-based and offer a path to health for many who seek appropriate mental health treatment. But the statistics are … Among adolescents 12 to 17 years old …
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