Virtual Depression (Mental Depression and Political Assessments Part 2)


Virtual Depression (Mental Depression and Political Assessments Part 2) – Neither time, space or politeless will permit me to name additional names.


Teen bullies and risk of depression, suicidal thoughts
Depressed or suicidal adolescents who bully others are more likely to experience lasting mental health consequences than depressed teens with no involvement in bullying, according to a study conducted by researchers at Columbia University, the New York … Read more on Boston Globe

No dishonour in depression
A 2010 survey in Europe revealed that 38% of people had a diagnosed mental disorder — including 7% with major depression. The proportion is likely to be similar in all populations, even in Africa, where psychiatric disease barely features on the … Read more on

Categorizing And “Creating” Depression: Something To Think About
The problem lies with psychiatry, not depression. Psychiatry has dominated the mental health system for years and has contributed very little real science to the study of human behavior and the brain. Unfortunately, psychiatry has prospered as a result … Read more on (blog)