Violence Is Not the Solution


Violence is Not the Solution – Venta needed treatment for his drug problem. Instead, he was tortured. In all corners of the world, people who use drugs are forcibly detained in “rehabilitation” centers where they may be subjected to beatings, forced labor, medical experimentation, denial of basic health care (including evidence-based drug treatment), and other severe human rights violations. Like Venta, thousands of people throughout Southeast Asia are locked away in so-called drug rehabilitation centers where they are regularly beaten, abused, and denied access to medical care. The Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care is working worldwide to put an end to human rights violations and abuses in health care settings. Join the campaign:


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He currently serves as CEO of Elements Behavioral Health, a network of addiction treatment centers that includes California rehab center Promises, The Ranch in Tennessee, The Recovery Place drug rehab in Florida, and Texas rehabs Right Step and Spirit …
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