USF Psychologist: Childhood Depression May Increase Risk of Heart Disease by

USF psychologist: Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by
The investigators surveyed more than 200 children with a history of clinical depression, as well as about 200 of their siblings who have never suffered from depression. They also gathered information from more than 150 unrelated children of the same … Read more on Science Codex

United Way and partners in a nutshell
We help families, babies, kids, teenagers, moms dads, older adults, people with health problems people with developmental disabilities, people coping with depression, abuse and mental illness, people who want to make their lives better, people who want … Read more on Lebanon Democrat

How to deal with headaches
NOTE: The information contained in Megan Sheppard's column is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a doctor. By Megan Sheppard. >> When it comes to headaches, the first question to ask is … Both EPA and DHA are mainly found in fish and … Read more on Irish Examiner

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