Use of Hard Drugs on the Rise in Oman

Use of hard drugs on the rise in Oman
“At present, we have 50 beds for rehabilitation, but drug addiction is a chronic relapsing disease, which means patients are not necessarily cured when they leave, and they sometimes have to come again and again.” Dr Abri says work is on to set up … Read more on Muscat Daily

Dark horse –
Kyle said the detoxification and rehabilitation process is never easy for him. At first, he was taken to treatment by his parents, but his subsequent treatments were his own choice. He said if a drug user enters treatment at the request of someone else … Read more on Dailyuw

Against all forms of addiction
A mission to provide treatment, support, counselling and rehabilitation for patients and also create awareness against any kind of addiction is challenging enough especially at a time when more and more youngsters and even women are being drawn to it. Read more on