US Should Be Proud of Latino Immigration, Obama Says

US should be proud of Latino immigration, Obama says
“I live in Miami where half the people in my vibrant beautiful place were born outside the United States,” he said at a June 1 appearance at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “When I finally make it home, normally on a Friday afternoon, I spend the night … Read more on Daily Caller

Risk Variant of Autoimmune Disease Gene May Lead To New Treatment Options
"We were intrigued by the idea that PTPN22 and its disease-associated variant might have a role in myeloid cell functions," Yaya Wang, a research associate in the University of Michigan Center for Immunology, said. Both mouse and human myeloid cells … Read more on Medical Daily

Glee star's death shines light on dramatic rise in Heroin deaths
At Palm Partners addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, folks who run the place say the number of young people entering rehab for heroin abuse has doubled. Ben Mace never imagined he'd stick a needle filled with heroin in his arm, but after the … Read more on WPEC