US Court Rules Wealthy Teenager Suffered From 'affluenza' After He Killed Four

US court rules wealthy teenager suffered from 'affluenza' after he killed four
Brisbane Times … It's since been used to describe a condition in which children — generally from richer families — have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, make excuses for poor behaviour, and sometimes dabble in drugs and alcohol, explained … Read more on Brisbane Times

Call for children's rehab centre in north Qld
Substance abuse support workers are calling on the State Government to help set up a rehabilitation centre for young children in north Queensland caught sniffing chemicals. Figures from the … "We have to send our kids to Brisbane and that's really … Read more on ABC Local

History must not repeat in adoption laws
The sweeping reforms also get tough on pregnant women who abuse alcohol, drugs or are victims of domestic violence. For the first time, the government can demand these women undergo rehab programs, or leave an abusive relationship, or a court will … Read more on Brisbane Times

The Exorcist star Linda Blair tours Australia to promote 40 years since the
The drugs … we tried. "We all tried and put him in rehab and did everything we could. "I said to him 'Is it going to take you losing everything to come out of this?' and he said 'Yes, probably.' "And he did." At 4 foot 11, Blair's diminutive frame is … Read more on The Daily Telegraph