University Offers New Intensive Eating Disorder Treatment

University offers new intensive eating disorder treatment
A new program is providing students who have eating disorders with specialized treatment avenues aimed to minimize disruption of their lives. The Intensive Evening Program at the Duke Center for Eating Disorders provides comprehensive care to students … Read more on Duke Chronicle

How Musli Capsules Are Useful To Women?
The rhizome is in process to bring out tonic to alleviate decline in physical strength. Musli sya along with the combination of other herbs in Musli Strong capsules has the power to treat general and sexual weakness, leucorrhoea, menstrual disorders … Read more on (?????????????) (press release)

Foods To Eat For Motion Sickness
Motion sickness is a common problem which is faced among a lot of people in the society. Experts say that one of the main reasons for motion sickness is the work of the brain. It is said that our brain reminds us that we are in motion and therefore … Read more on BoldSky

World's Largest Anorexia Trial Shows Psychotherapy Is Effective: Eating
A trial has been held for the first time to measure the effects of psychotherapy on women with anorexia nervosa, considered to be one of the most fatal mental disorders, in a study called the Anorexia Nervosa Treatment of OutPatients (ANTOP … Read more on Medical Daily