Understanding Depression With Gainesville-NOVA Counseling

Understanding Depression with Gainesville-NOVA Counseling
Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes, Director of Gainesville-NOVA Counseling talks about the symptoms of depressio, some causes of depression and simle interventions you c…



Mental illness: is chemical imbalance theory a myth?
Now, neuroscience would attribute such things as depression and psychosis to “chemical imbalances” — specifically to disruptions in the neurotransmitters that allow the brain's billions upon billions of grey matter cells to speak to one another. And … Read more on MetroNews Canada

Alan Barrington from Loughton has written about his battle with depression and
“However, for mild and moderately severe forms of depression, cognitive behavioural therapy has a much more robust evidence base. For more severe depression, the evidence favours use of medication in combination with psychological approaches.". Read more on East London and West Essex Guardian Series

Mental-health fair for Hanover elderly
The event was staged under the theme 'Mental Health and Older Adults' and included fitness demonstrations, presentations on general health; health checks, including vision and blood pressure checks; and massage therapy. It included display booths from … Read more on Jamaica Gleaner