UNC Joins NFLPA for Program to Help Fmr Players

UNC Joins NFLPA For Program To Help Fmr Players
Athletes can experience problems ranging from musculoskeletal pain that has led to lifestyle changes and psychological problems, chronic headaches and other post-concussion signs and symptoms, increased episodes of sadness, irritability or depression, … Read more on Chapelboro.com

Any GP you want: so long as you're healthy
Why take anyone with long-term chronic diseases such as diabetes, or someone who is housebound? Why not avoid those with poor English? Cuts down on … They don't have money taken away if the patient never visits: healthy, low-attending patients … Read more on The Guardian

Explosive book claims cereal destroys your brain (VIDEO)
According to Dr. David Perlmutter's book “Grain Brain,” all carbs — even the ones that are touted as healthy like whole grains — can cause everything from dementia, ADHD and anxiety to chronic headaches and depression. In fact, the Florida-based … Read more on The Malay Mail Online

Depression and Chronic Pain Is Extremely Common
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