TRIAD Depression and Insomnia Research Study


TRIAD Depression and Insomnia research study – Researchers at Stanford University, Department of Psychiatry are seeking volunteers with depression and trouble sleeping, who are not currently receiving tre…


Israeli-Arab study looks to get drugs out of water
The heart of the problem is that all the drugs we take end up down the toilet some way or another. And residues from birth control pills, estrogen and water pills, anti-depression medications, even ibuprofen, can remain after the water is treated. When … Read more on ISRAEL21c

Common medications taken during pregnancy increase baby's autism risk
Many women continue taking prescription medications while pregnant—to manage chronic conditions such as migraines, depression, or seizures—and a growing body of research suggests that some of these drugs could increase their unborn baby's … Read more on (blog)

Doggie Depression: Canines Get Separation Anxiety Too
According to Reynard the treatment of mental illnesses in dogs, including depression and anxiety, begins with making sure the needs of your dog are being met, which includes getting enough exercise and stimulation. "Unfortunately dogs can get left … Read more on Huffington Post Canada