Trafalgar Residence: Addiction Recovery Jeopardized Unless Concurrent

Trafalgar Residence: Addiction Recovery Jeopardized Unless Concurrent
Adds Dr. Courbasson; “At Trafalgar Residence, I have developed and implemented a clinical model that combines addiction therapy with the identification and comprehensive treatment of concurrent disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorder, … Read more on PR Web (press release)

HP 200 class not a practical requirement
Likewise, incoming freshmen have already endured health classes in high school which warned them of the dangers of alcohol, smoking, unprotected sex, destructive eating disorders and other lifestyle choices. Do administrators really think they are … Read more on North Wind Online

Surprise! Mom's criticism can have negative long-term effects
And when mothers were hyper-involved and overly critical, daughters tended to have poorer social and relationship skills, which in turn led to higher levels of disordered eating attitudes like body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, unhealthy weight … Read more on CANOE

Bronte Cullis’ Story (Anorexia) 2 (ACA)
Bronte Cullis was the Melbourne teenager whose battle with anorexia captured the hearts of Australians in a series of stories and documentaries by Ray Martin…