Title for New Book,,,?

Question by TTC for 2.5 years: Title for new book,,,?
Ok so I need help for titles with my book.
Synopsis: David is a 21 year old cocaine addicted young man who checks into a drug rehabilitation center “The Sentinel” and the book goes through his life from 5-24 years old, each chapter covering an age. So chapter 1 starts off with him running from an undercover cop, and getting sentenced to 6 months of rehabilitation. Then Chapter 2 starts out with him being 5 years old, etc. So these are the titles I have for this book:
1. Liquid Fear
2. Shades of Gray
3. Shadowy Hell
4. Down and Out

Best answer:

Answer by Kinleys
wow they’re all really good titles and the book your writing sounds great.
The title that I like best is “Liquid Fear” but they’re all very good.
Best of luck

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