Thursday April 14 on the Dr. Phil Show: Young Women in Trouble

Thursday April 14 on The Dr. Phil Show: Young Women in Trouble
Liz shares the shocking way she copes with her grief after the death of her baby boy. And, see an update on Meagan, who was struggling with a llife-threateni…



Due to dispute with churches, Falcons Stadium on brink of shifting sites
Counseling, for drug abuse, marriage, family, depression, and eating disorders etc. Sex trafficking prevention and tons of other stuff. Churches do a lot of good with very little. bringbucsback says: Jul 31, 2013 12:14 PM. Church leaders have been … Read more on

… from universities, journals, and other research organizations
Fruit flies exhibit many of the same basic behaviours as humans and share 87 per cent of the material that is responsible for genetically based neurological disorders, making them a potent model for study. While adult fruit flies have been studied for … Read more on Science Daily (press release)

'Thigh gap' a disturbing trend among teen girls
Psychologists worry it can lead to an eating disorder. Photos of thigh gaps can be found on all sorts of social media sites including Tumblr, a site that many parents might not be on. There are also pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Health … Read more on WBTW – Myrtle Beach and Florence SC