Thoughtful Books Speak to Readers

Thoughtful books speak to readers
Fifteen-year-old Grace is spending the summer working with horses at the nearby stables, contributing to the care of spirited and damaged animals as best she can until an eating disorder almost prevents her from doing a job she loves. The careful … Read more on StarPhoenix

Back To School: 6 Tips For Your Sensory Child
Sensory kids are sometimes rigid, anxious or distracted kids, characteristics that are not exclusive to the diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Austism Spectrum, Anxiety Disorder or a host of other diagnoses that often have a sensory … Read more on BlogHer (blog)

Too young for Alzheimer's
But it is also a focus of researchers who hope to answer a burning question: If a person destined to get Alzheimer's receives a drug therapy before symptoms emerge, can the disease be prevented in all kinds of patients or at least, forestalled? “If one … Read more on The Star Online

Viewpoint: Leave Junior Alone About His E-Cigs
Scientific publications have revealed that nicotine, although mildly addictive, is actually beneficial for warding off, or improving symptoms of diseases and disorders such as Dementia, Alzheimer's, and ADHD/ADD. In fact, caffeine has been found to … Read more on TIME

EDNOS–avoiding mirrors
The “thinner” I get, the “fatter” I feel. Weird.