This Is Why People Who Live in San Francisco Are So Happy and Healthy

This Is Why People Who Live In San Francisco Are So Happy And Healthy
An organic diet can help to reduce the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones that we consume from conventional food sources. And while the link between these compounds and human health isn't definitive, most researchers agree that … Read more on Huffington Post

Virginia university counselors refuse to admit dangers of gay sex
Counselors at Virginia's public universities are happy to help students deal with same-sex attractions—as long as they don't want to get rid of them. In an undercover sting operation this month, two … Some warned that seeking therapy to change … Read more on World Magazine

9-29-13 Chew on this: The Arts and Aging
Can ideas come alive when words fail and the aging brain be fortified to meet the challenges of stress, depression, and frustration? … The Arts and Aging will explore how arts immersion may help combat the effects of strokes, dementia and Alzheimer's … Read more on Starjournalnow