This Australia Day, Remember Violence Solves Nothing

This Australia Day, remember violence solves nothing
It's deeply concerning because random acts of violence, including fatal one-punches, are often fuelled by alcohol and/or drugs and a youthful naivety about consequences of their actions. The attacks have devastating impacts … Lenient sentencing and … Read more on Herald Sun

'Neknominate' drinking craze sweeps the Internet
Professor Michael Farrell, director of the University of New South Wales' National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the game could be potentially dangerous. “In general it looks like it could get …. In addition to … Read more on The Malay Mail Online

No full-time jail for 'cheap shot ' hit
Mr Cook took into account the potential for Kuzma to be rehabilitated, particularly given his youth, and drew on a range of previous assault cases that attracted similar sentences. He also considered the impact on the victim, noting … It also comes … Read more on The Canberra Times