Thinspo-Meet Virginia


Thinspo-Meet Virginia – I do not own the song Meet Virginia and I am not claiming any of the girls in this video have eating disorders. If you are not pro-ana or pro-mia please do n…


Study Takes Holistic Approach to Mood Disorders in Kids
“We think the approach will yield a reduction in irritability, improvements in self-esteem and concentration, and better eating and sleeping habits.” Fristad has been working on the approach integrating diet, medications and psychotherapy for … “We … Read more on

Why the low hygiene standards between vets and pets?
The calf had what we call “dumb rabies” – a form of the disease in which the animals don't show typical signs of rabies such as excessive salivation and aggression. They only have very non-specific symptoms like lethargy and fever. I was shocked and … Read more on The Conversation

Proper nutrition helps protect dairy cows from heat stress
… them more susceptible to disease and infections. “Heat stress, without heat abatement strategies, can have a severe impact on milk production, reproductive efficiency, mortality and disease resistance,” O'Connor says. She adds that higher-producing … Read more on Dairy Herd Management