They Think My Mom Might Have a Blood Disorder, That Wont Affect Me Until I Am Older..should I Test for It Now?

Question by Fitness Fits: They think my mom might have a blood disorder, that wont affect me until I am older..should I test for it now?
Its inherited, there is no cure for it, should I find out now? or wait until later on in life since there is nothing I can do anyway?

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Answer by Spotwhat
Hmm that is a hard question. I am sorry to hear that your mom has this blood disorder and I hope you have not inherited it. If it is worrying you already, I cannot imagine that you will stop worrying just by putting off the test. Maybe it is better to have it now, and be either prepared to face it, or relieved that you don’t have it. Good luck.

Answer by >w<
Yes, do it now. It’s not worth your anxiousness and worry to wait for later. If you don’t have it, then that’s a relief! If you do, then what’s the difference? Live your life like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how other people get motivated and a lot of people with disorders or disabilities have lived fuller lives than most people!

Best wishes.

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