There Are Those Who Help

There are those who help
One shelter resident teased that she was being treated like a troublesome child with all the curfews, though she said she could live with it while she gets her life together. People staying at the shelter are also required … He said that Crossroads … Read more on New Bern Sun Journal

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I was ordered by the court to attend a 6 month residential treatment center for women, because there was an open bed. The clients there are mostly ones right out of … This year depression has taken over my life. I started cocaine to fill the … Read more on About – News & Issues

Nobody Wins When Horror Games Stigmatize Mental Illness
A few months ago, an open letter was posted in response to a Kotaku article on the upcoming horror game, Outlast, which takes place in an asylum and includes violent criminal inpatients as enemies. …. In particular, Depression Quest, in which the … Read more on Kotaku