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therapy, eating disorder, etc – A bit on my therapy sessions, how my eating disorder’s going and general rambling. Bit of a rant.


Summit Eating Disorders and Outreach Program

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The program was founded in 2000, and there are treatment centers located in Roseville, Calif., and Fresno, Calif. The treatment center serves adolescents and adults, males and females, with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders. Summit provides …
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'Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified': What's Changing With EDNOS In

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"EDNOS captures people that don't really fit into anorexia or bulimia," explained Lara Gregorio, manager of the National Eating Disorder Association's States for the Treatment, Access, and Research Program. "Most people were falling into EDNOS — 50 …
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Eating disorder recovery during holidays

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As a result, eating disorder treatment professionals frequently see an increase in eating-disordered thoughts and behaviors and lapses in recovery during the holiday season. In reality, the holiday season may not actually be any more stressful for …
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