Therapists Spill: Why I Do What I Do

Therapists Spill: Why I Do What I Do
Serani, author of two books on depression, personally survived the disorder and was inspired to help others. I went through a … But becoming a therapist always stuck, and I returned to grad school at 30,” said Duffy, also author of the book The … Read more on

Recognise teenage angst for what it is
But learning to accept who you are is more important than being diagnosed with depression. Eating disorders are common among teens, and should be treated as soon as possible. Again, should we brand this as being linked to depression? Severe, yes. Read more on Irish Independent

How Kids with Eating Disorders Are Being Ignored
Kids and teens who are significantly underweight are usually targeted for appropriate eating disorder treatment, but overweight and obese kids are slipping through the cracks. Because their weight is in the “normal” or overweight range for their height … Read more on Babble