The Truth Behind Eating Disorders

The truth behind eating disorders
The eating disorder just starts to change their though process and they don't see the choices that they're making as not being good ones." People who are suffering from disordered eating get good at hiding the results of their actions, says Bagyi . As … Read more on WNYT

Anti-Obesity Messages May Unintentionally Up Eating Disorders
In another study, at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, 47% of patients admitted to the eating disorders clinic with severe, anorexia-like symptoms in 2009 were previously overweight, vs. 8% in 2005. Also mentioned in the Journal's … Read more on Monthly Prescribing Reference

Epilepsy: It's more common than many think
Finally, in January of this year, specialists at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City diagnosed the little girl with a rare form of epilepsy: It is called pcdh19 female epilepsy, named for the gene that causes the neurological … Read more on Quad City Times