The Tightrope of Parenting Tween Girls

The tightrope of parenting tween girls
I limit junk food and sweets, because that's what I think parents should do, but the folks at Boston Children's who work with kids with eating disorders say that if you are too strict it can backfire and feed an eating disorder. Again–more tricky and … Read more on

Health, sex education 'completely out of date' (With poll)
For example, she cited the old curriculum's requirement to teach healthy eating – which helps address such current teen issues as obesity and eating disorders – in Grade 10. The new curriculum pushes that subject back … “The huge inappropriateness of … Read more on Windsor Star (blog)

Happy relationships banish weight worries
Recent research suggests that around one in four people in Britain are on a diet at any one time while the number of pre-teen children treated in hospital for eating disorders has tripled in four years. Experts claim increasing numbers of children are … Read more on

Shigella is a Nasty, Infectious Bacteria
[16] Small children acquire Shigella at the highest rate, and [24, 28] persons infected with HIV experience shigellosis much more commonly than other individuals. [4]. Shigella is easily spread person-to-person …. Shigella infections also may be … Read more on Food Poison Journal