The Scary Truth About a Supermodel's 'Beauty Secrets'

The Scary Truth About a Supermodel's 'Beauty Secrets'
She first laid bare the tough truths of her life and career in her 2011 book “Beauty Disrupted: A Memoir,” in which she detailed her eating disorders, drug use, sexual traumas and abusive incidents with ex-husband Mickey Rourke. Eventually, she gained … Read more on Yahoo! India News

Pro-ana: A dangerous online subculture promotes starving
Stanley Edwards, director of the University of Toledo's Counseling Center, estimates about 13.3 percent of students they see are dealing with eating disorders, and 14.8 percent deal with body image concerns. He also added that 50 percent of these cases … Read more on Independent Collegian

Survivor Sisters: Two women promote health through personal struggles
“I extensively researched information and studies about metabolism and eating disorders to prove to myself how negatively my body was being affected,” Wehmer says. She began a journey of personal goals to retrain her mind to allow her to gain back some … Read more on