'The Remedy' by Thomas Goetz

'The Remedy' by Thomas Goetz
Although TB was the number-one cause of death in the United States at the time, not only was there no effective treatment, but its very cause was a mystery to scientists and physicians alike. In “The Remedy,” Thomas Goetz describes TB's impact on …
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by Esthr

5 Rules for Effective Physicals
“You may say you're here for a physical but you probably have an issue,” says Dr. Richard Sandovsky, associate professor of family medicine, SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.. “Be clear to say why you're here. The doctor will explore that,” Dr.
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Tuberculosis: waging a new war on an old disease
In the longer term, we need an effective TB vaccine, improved diagnostics and better medicines. While we wait for these developments, we need to work towards a population-based prevention and treatment plan using the tools we have got. We cannot simply …
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