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The Recovery Place Rehabilitation Center – The Recovery Place Rehabilitation Center Gave Jim the Transitional Care He Needed (877) 360-7623 The Recovery Place rehabilitation center has both residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. This comprehensive care is crucial if some struggling with addiction or alcoholism hopes to achieve recovery. They need to have coping and life skills and solid connections to support groups. This doesn’t happen overnight, or in a short-term treatment center. Jim, clean for three years now, wasn’t successful in other treatment programs. But he succeeded using The Recovery Place approach: “Before, in other facilities; I finished the treatment for 30 days and they sent me home,” said Jim. “I didn’t have any coping skills and fell right back. By the transition into The Recovery Place outpatient program I was still under continuing care with the treatment center. I was just not ready to jump right back into regular society.” Learning to live in cooperation and collaboration with each other is a huge part of The Recovery Place Florida residential rehabilitation center. John, CEO of the center, is has been clean and sober for 10 years. He learned from the inside out just what clients need to reach out for recovery and make it a permanent part of their lives.


Riley Regan, Pioneer and Advocate in Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

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For more than 20 years he was on the faculty of the Rutgers University Center for Alcohol Studies and taught at numerous colleges and universities throughout the country on alcoholism and drug abuse topics. Earlier in his career, he served as Deputy …
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