The Men’s Room 10 – Men, Depression, Happiness & the Matrix


The Men’s Room 10 – Men, Depression, Happiness & the Matrix – Dr. Shawn Shea, author of Happiness Is, and many other works, joins us to talk about men, happiness, depression and adjusting the matrix in which we live to promote health. In The News: Another mass public shooting by another man, this time in a mall. Plus: A fan sends us some gifts!


Depression risk reduced in women who drink moderately

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Reported depression was much higher among women than men, but for those women drinking 5-15g of alcohol a day (approximately one glass), the risk of diagnosis of depression was significantly lower, when compared to non-drinkers. The SUN Project …


Men and guns and mass murder

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“Men kill people with guns when feeling insufficiently respected, in desperation, depression, rage and anger. Putting more guns in the hands of more men is a terrifying prospect.” Provocative, in a good way, right? Ken Herman is a columnist for the …
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Lindsey Vonn Emerges Victorious over Depression, Has Eyes Set on Men's

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Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, arguably the most recognizable and decorated female athletes of recent years, admitted to People magazine earlier this week that she had, in fact, battled depression, and continues to keep the condition in check by taking …
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