The Latest Absurdities in College Sports

The latest absurdities in college sports
During a public forum in Manhattan last week, NCAA president Mark Emmert floated the idea of implementing a small stipend for college athletes to help cover the full cost of school attendance — a cost that exceeds scholarship value at public … Read more on Indianapolis Star

ADHD: About 1 in 20 adults may have a disorder usually associated with grade
Chris Ecarius had so much difficulty filling out his Social Security application online that the 62-year-old went to a doctor to find out why his brain didn't seem to work properly. Over the years, he'd seen other doctors about similar struggles. He'd … Read more on Washington Post

Team approach to pain, depression
“There is a huge relationship between chronic pain and depression,” says neurologist Joanna Katzman, director of the University of New Mexico's two-year-old Pain Center, the interdisciplinary Pain Consultation and Treatment Center. “And anxiety has … Read more on ABQ Journal