The Holistic Approach

The holistic approach
Which is why the Dallas oncologist also suggests a treatment not found in any pharmacy: yoga. “We're supposed to practice … Yoga is also good for flexibility and balance, plus it helps psychological health and reduces anxiety and depression.” It … Read more on Gulf Times

5 little known facts about fainting
Other causes are because of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or hyperventilation with or without perceived anxiety (which causes an imbalance of gases in your bloodstream). Anxiety could trigger it, and also hysteria, panic or major depression. It … Read more on

Event recognizes Mental Illness Awareness Week
“I am not cured but I have not had a major episode for over seven years,” Moseley said. She said she sees her doctor every four months and is “on meds that are the right … Known as NAMI, the alliance is an advocacy group that strives to raise public … Read more on The Advocate