The Guantanamo Exception

The Guantanamo Exception
Here's one reason we shouldn't worry: we have highly secure facilities on U.S. soil (such as Supermax, in Florence, Colorado) that hold appallingly violent individuals who have the potential to pose a great risk to society. Why are we so fearful of … Read more on Daily Beast

Grappling with prison overcrowding
Jeffrey A. Beard, who was sworn in as secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation a year ago, recently met with the U-T San Diego Editorial Board to talk about the issues facing the state's prison system. … to maybe send … Read more on U-T San Diego

40 years later, bonds, pain persist at Saint Elizabeth burn unit
“You have to realize that when this burn unit started Mr. Kreikemeier … probably would have died,” said Dr. David Voigt, co-medical director for the center. Roger Bonin … Better infection control because of improvements in antibiotic and antifungal … Read more on Lincoln Journal Star