The Greatest Generation Completed Mission

The greatest generation completed mission
We were children of the 1930s depression. We didn't have much, didn't need much. We were poor by today's standards, but it didn't seem to bother us. For the most part, we took life as it was and lived a happy life. Oh, yes, there were a lot of material … Read more on Aitkin Independent Age

Slavery in Oregon
He turned to the page, and there it was: a distant relative named Robert Shipley arrived in the Oregon Territory in 1853 by wagon train from Missouri, accompanied by his wife, seven children and a slave named Reuben Shipley, following the convention of … Read more on The Register-Guard

How to learn more about your child through his gaming habits
But kids can also hide depression, anxiety and other problems behind their gaming. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a violent game, either. The very things that make gaming attractive and even beneficial can also enable your child to escape from a … Read more on Delaware County Daily Times

How to teach life skils in preschool Jenny McCarthy may be onto something after all! Oprah needs to see this! Adhd adhd autism and missing…