The Essence of Fear

The Essence of Fear
Fear, anxiety, and depression are the underlying factors that drive much of human behavior today, yet they are among the most misunderstood forces in people's lives. In their most acute form, the paralyze us. How can we deal with these forces? Why are … Read more on

Depression and nocturia may be bidirectionally linked
Benjamin N. Breyer, M.D., from the University of California in San Francisco, and colleagues conducted a literature review to identify abstracts and original, review, and editorial articles on nocturia and mood disorders, specifically depression and … Read more on Medical Xpress

Students come face to face with emotions of cancer
Before the students begin the three-minute sessions they can choose an emotion they want to tackle – anxiety, depression, distress or anger. The students can fumble and search for the right words without the risk of upsetting a real patient. They can … Read more on The Age