The Disturbing World of 'Pretty or Ugly' Videos

The disturbing world of 'pretty or ugly' videos
Experts have called the videos an act of self-mutilation as toxic as cutting or an eating disorder. If you can stand to read the comments you can see why. While some viewers write things like, "you are gorgeous and charming, but please go outside and … Read more on Daily Life

Delray Recovery Center Presenting the Brandi's Wish Foundation's 3rd Annual
She has spent more than a decade treating people suffering from chemical dependency, trauma, eating disorders, and co-occurring disorders. As The Delray … For more information, or to register, please visit Brandi's Wish Foundation. Share on Twitter … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Parents who sexually abuse their own childrenPublish Date: Oct 21, 2013
Some victims develop disorders like panic attacks, self-injury, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, lack of trust, suicide, isolation, fears, promiscuity, low self esteem and eating disorders. Children born of incestuous relationships stand … Read more on New Vision

Classifying Severe PMS as a Mental Disorder Screws Women Over
My premenstrual lower bullshit thresholds aren't something that should be treated with medication; they should be treated by going to bed at a reasonable hour and eating a lunch that consists of more than black coffee and jelly beans. Furthermore … Read more on Jezebel