The Depression Test


The Depression Test – Might as well give it a shot. Don’t put hate comments, they will be banned or removed. This is what I got Major Depression:Very High Dysthymia: Moderate Bipo…


New Guidelines Label Video Game Addiction a Disorder
In other news: A blood test for postpartum depression may be on the horizon, and a common antibiotic could be a COPD treatment. By Erinn Connor, Everyday Health Staff Writer. Playing Internet games for hours is now being looked at as a potential … Read more on Everyday Health

Local remedy wins award
He adds that Zembrin's team of developers is not marketing Zembrin as a pharmaceutical, but as a low-dose natural health supplement for people who are not clinically depressed or anxious. A clinical study using functional magnetic resonance imaging … Read more on Creamer Media’s Engineering News

Disrupted 'brain clock' is linked to depression in new study
To test the idea, the researchers compared gene expression in depressed patients who died at different times; they found some similarities. That suggests that the depressed people's body clocks may have been shifted by several hours, the researchers said. Read more on Washington Post

Read the curious case of Keli Lane from Kay Saunders' 'Deadly Australian
However, neonatal killing can also be driven by severe postpartum depression or psychosis. So how to interpret the actions of a 'golden girl', in the words of Justice Anthony Whealy, who was accused and found guilty of killing …. The nurse on duty … Read more on Herald Sun