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The Dangers of Depression – Brookhaven Hospital – As a leading center for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and social phobias, Brookhaven offers hope and help for people suffering from mental health problems and support for the people who love them. Visit our site to learn more about the programs and treatment options available to you or your loved ones.


Studies revive debate over 'chemo brain'

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Her research has found that many women who complain of mental fog also suffer fatigue, depression and sleep problems. A study by Tim Ahles, of New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, suggested that women may be more susceptible to …
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New Study Recommends Specific Therapies for Veterans with PTSD

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Because a majority of veterans receive their health care services from the Veterans Administration, it is imperative that PTSD and depression are treated in the most effective manner through these facilities. Sara L. Kornfield of the Mental Illness …
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In Many Communties, Nurse Practitioners Fill Important Void

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On most days, at least 200 people show up at the center seeking treatment for maladies ranging from sore throats to depression to cavities. The health center typically has four doctors on duty, but the clinical director, Dr. Randall Bayshore, says his …
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