The Causes, Effects and Solutions to Mental Depression


The causes, effects and solutions to Mental Depression – NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!! none of the music files use are my own.


Crisis takes toll on Greeks' mental health

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“All types of psychological disorders have increased – anxiety, depression, abuses, somatisation, antisocial behaviour,” says Argyro Voulgari, a clinical psychologist at the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Research. At the centre's office in …
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People With Mental Disorders More Likely to Have Experienced Domestic

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Compared to women without mental health problems, women with depressive disorders were around 2 and a ½ times more likely to have experienced domestic violence over their adult lifetime (prevalence estimate 45.8%); women with anxiety disorders were …
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Doctor K: Depression after stroke not uncommon

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You might think that in someone who has difficulty talking or understanding speech, or difficulty moving his arms and legs, depression is the least of his problems. But the mental anguish of depression isn't a minor concern. Left untreated, depression …
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