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The cause of PPD.wmv – Current reasons for Postpartum Depression or Postnatal depression occuring is the chemical imbalance in the brain, however this video tells you what’s underneath that chemcial imbalance in the brain.


Recognising and coping with postpartum depression

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Midwives can play a key role in detecting the symptoms of postpartum depression. "We have the advantage of visiting the women in their homes and spending more time with them," said Dagmar Weimer, a psychologist and midwife in the Bavarian community …
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Runners give £500 to help young families

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The charity supports families with at least one child under the age of five who are experiencing difficulties, such as post-natal depression or coping with family bereavements. Katie Holmes, a trustee of the club, said: "The annual event is a series of …
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Meet Britain's most fertile woman Saffron Corns who had five babies on the pill

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Saffron says: “It started out as post-natal depression and led to comfort-eating all the wrong foods. “I was snacking all the time on crisps, chocolate, pizza and burgers. I never cooked properly so I was always getting takeaways.” After Ciaran …
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