The Broken Mirror


The Broken Mirror – This original production was inspired by many people, events, and memories. When we first began our work as a team on this project, we knew we wanted to do a puppet show Regarding what, we did not yet know. We didn’t know then that the subject matter was much more prevalent in each of our lives than we thought. Maya, the sophomore of our group, spent nearly two months in the hospital for her own ED, diagnosed this year. She had begun working with The Body Positive, an organization that works to educate, prevent, and treat eating disorders, on a media campaign when she decided that recovery was what she really wanted and getting better was what was important to her. Through her work there, she wondered if the campaign could be brought to stage with the puppet show her group had been discussing. Her group quickly complied and they set to work on planning the project. Their influences outside of personal experiences include artistic ones, such as master puppeteer Jim Henson of the Muppets and the amazing and emotive Frida Kahlo. We were inspired by the creative innovation and playful versatility of Henson to build our puppets and bring in a humorous aspect into the otherwise dark and heavy play. Kahlo inspired us to be honest and hold nothing back- to write and speak what is really happening in this world that we live in today. Our group, Miles, Kate, Elena, and Maya, have thoroughly enjoyed our experience in creating this work of art together and hope you will find some


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