The Bipolar Spectrum. Understanding Manic Depression

The Bipolar Spectrum. Understanding Manic Depression If you have been diagnosed with depression, and are not responding to treatment, there is a possibility that you could have bipo…



Small and Tired – theatre review
But while Orestes and Electra are reunited after years spent apart, and the death of their little sister Iphigenia still looms large, Small and Tired focuses not on the pair's revenge, but instead on the nature of grief, guilt and depression – and how … Read more on The Guardian (blog)

Glenn Close: 'I feel shame I didn't pay attention to my bipolar sister'
That something turned out to be bipolar 1 disorder, also known as manic depression, which causes serious shifts in mood, energy and behaviour. Close's younger sister was diagnosed at the age of 47. “Jessie said to me one day: 'I can't stop thinking … Read more on