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The Alcohol Rehabilitation – Alcohol Rehab Helpline wishes to keep families and friendships intact by helping people overcome their alcohol dependency. We know that every person is different and that it is important to determine his or her individual needs to successfully bring him or her to the road to recovery. This is the reason we created our alcohol rehabilitation programs based on what each client requires. For More Info Visit :


Meds a good 'first step' for treating alcoholism

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Two drugs commonly used to treat alcoholism may be appropriate for people in different stages of recovery, a new analysis confirms – likely because they work differently in the brain. The drugs, acamprosate (marketed as Campral) and … The findings …
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Bobby Brown arrested again on DUI charge

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Brown, 43, agreed to enter a 90-day alcohol treatment program when he pleaded no contest in Los Angeles County to driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher in April. He also was sentenced to 36 months of probation, according to his …
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Medical Alcoholism Treatment May Be Best Option for Some

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Medical treatment for alcoholism may be the best "first step" for some problem drinkers, if they cannot or do not want to go into a residential treatment program. Which medication they use would depend on whether they are trying to quit or trying to …
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